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Keep It Local

It's time for all local companies to come together. It's time to Keep things Local. There is power in Local ran companies. If you were to talk to anyone, they'd rather support the local guy, the guy that makes thing personable. The guy that makes them feel like a friend AND eventually they might become friends and hang out on the weekends.

It's nice to go to your kids game and see the person that you just did business with. It creates bonds withing the community and friendships that help people throughout their lives.

If you have the choice, choose local businesses. Go IDAHO!


Not all companies are local, even though they may seem like they are OR vice versa. Get to know the company, ask around.

Sometimes the owner will be the one answering the phones. Ask, "are you the owner?" They will gladly respond and let you know. Make it personal.

Dump It, is a locally owned and operated company. Curtis, the owner, grew up in Ammon and went to school at Hillcrest High School. We pride ourselves on giving the Best Service at the Best Price. When in the garbage industry, trash is the first thing that comes to mind. We like to make your Waste, Sanitation, garbage, construction debris, junk, whatever it is.... We like to make it OUR Business. Give us a call to help with your local dumpster or garbage service needs.

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Apr 05, 2023

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